You've done everything you should, ticked all the boxes. Got the house, the car, the job, the holidays, the kids blah blah blah but there's a part of you thinking, 'Is this it? What's it all FOR?'

Somewhere along the way you lost sight of YOU. You barely recognise the woman staring back from the mirror never mind knowing what it is you want from this adventure called life.

You know you should feel grateful for all you have, what you've worked so hard for, but there's an emptiness inside you, a calling. There's got to be more than this. You've fallen into the trap of living a life of existence, getting through the day to day as opposed to living with purpose, using your values as your compass to guide you in making decisions that lead to feelings of fulfilment and joy.

You've been stretched too thin for too long, you want to give your all to everything but it's just impossible and you're so, SO tired. You've hit the wall, you know it’s time for a change, you can’t go on simply functioning in this existence, you want more, you need more, you deserve more, SO much more, and that's where BEcoming YOU comes in.

BEcoming YOU© is a 12 week rapid transformational journey that will enable you to reconnect to the 'who' of you, rediscover your values and passions, get super clear on what it is you want from life AND how to make it happen and create a meaningful and fulfilled life for yourself and loved ones.

It's time to rise and shine like the frickin' supernova you were born to be!


"An excellent, well presented programme that had a profound impact on my return to work and life post having my first baby. Highly recommended to anyone looking to take control of life and their happiness. "

- Nathalie Tulip


I'm Jen, a fulfilment coach on a mission to guide high-flying courageous women who are done with living a life of existence and are ready to reconnect with themselves, rediscover their sense of identity, passions and purpose, know and love themselves deeply and create a meaningful, fulfilled life for themselves and loved ones.

I guide these women through a process of unbecoming everything they thought they should be so that they can become who they were born be and shine like the frickin' super novas they are.

If you're ready to live a life less ordinary and find the fun again int he every day, I'm your gal.

It's time to Rise and Shine!